Synthetic motor oil is engine lubricant that is created in a lab. Like conventional oil, synthetic oil is created from chemicals compounds that provide lubricating properties.

As engine technology has advanced, scientists have explored and altered the makeup of chemicals that lubricate your engine.

For many engines, synthetic oils work better and hold up longer than conventional crude oil-based products.

However, depending on your engine's age and performance characteristics, synthetic oil may not be the best choice.

How to Choose Your Motor Oil

One way to decide whether or not to use synthetic oil is to follow your engine manufacturer's guidelines.

However, the service team at Sterling Kia understands that technology standards evolve over time. They can offer you the best current guidance about synthetic oil for the driving conditions in Lafayette.

If you are considering synthetic oil for your next oil change, please contact our experts first. They will help you select exactly the right oil for you.


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