One of the main factors drivers look for when choosing a vehicle is its suspension system. The suspension system in a vehicle includes its chassis, steering, shock spring, and tire components. When these parts work together, a smooth ride is achieved. There is nothing worse than driving around a city like Lafayette in a vehicle that does not drive over surfaces smoothly. Maintained suspension systems ensure that the ride is comfortable and safe.

There are many different types of suspension systems. The two main categories are independent and dependent systems. In each type, proper alignment and function of the suspension components help the car absorb road bumps. Good components help tires wear evenly, and they keep the vehicle aligned on the road when it is in motion.

Suspension components usually need to be replaced when they become too corroded or worn to work well with the entire system. Technicians can identify components that are not performing as they should. Annual inspections from the team at Sterling Kia keep your car’s suspension system ready to handle any type of road surface.


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