When the advent of smartphones reached consumers, the craving to answer texts and calls while driving was overwhelming. Accidents ensued, up to and including deaths, because drivers were not paying attention to the road. Communities, states and the federal government began issuing laws regulating the use of smartphones while driving.

Google resolved the issue in 2015 by developing “Android Auto.” Soon cars manufacturers installed Android Auto into their systems. Hyundai, Kia, and Chevrolet were the first to adopt the new technology that allowed drivers to communicate hands-free. Accidents statistics began dropping as the new technology emerged to become a driver favorite. By plugging in their Android-driven smartphones to the car’s system drivers discovered the additional ability to navigate through unfamiliar surroundings. The advantage grew a demand, and Android Auto expanded.

At Sterling Kia, we check the Android Auto system during each service. We also offer aftermarket systems for vehicles without Android Auto already installed.



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