Have you ever been driving down the road one day and said to yourself, "My car sounds a bit louder than normal to me today?" Well, if you suspect this is actually the case, then you may want to stop by our auto repair shop in Lafayette, LA so we can give your vehicle a once-over and make sure that everything is functioning properly. A louder than normal engine usually indicates there is a problem with your exhaust system.

This could be as simple as a small crack or hole in your exhaust or there could be something more major going on. It is always best to get your vehicle fixed as soon as your know there is a problem to avoid more major concerns from developing. Some other signs of a broken exhaust could include:

  • Smoke coming from your exhaust
  • Condensation forming in the exhaust area
  • A strong odor coming from your vehicle

Make your way to Sterling Kia of Lafayette at the first sign of exhaust trouble.

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