One myth that has to do with motor oil is that you should always have your motor oil changed out before going on a long trip. This is false for the following reason. If an oil change is not due for a long time, then you can wait until after the road trip to get your oil changed. You should, however, get an oil change beforehand if you will be going over the mileage limit for your next oil change during the trip.

Another myth regarding motor oil involves the use of synthetic oil. The myth is that if you used synthetic oil once, then that means you cannot use a natural oil again. There is no basis to this myth. You can switch back and forth between natural and synthetic oils. Just use the oil that is best for your engine and vehicle. It does not matter if it is a synthetic or a natural.

Our staff at Sterling Kia of Lafayette can perform oil changes by appointments in our service center. Stop by the dealership for your next oil change or routine maintenance.



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