The muffler and exhaust systems of your vehicle can be complex, yet they make up a very necessary component of your car. If your vehicle has ever failed an emissions test, you know how important your exhaust system is, but are you aware of exactly how it works?

Directly behind your engine, your vehicle’s exhaust gases are collected at the cylinder heads, the component which is connected to your vehicle's exhaust manifold. The oxygen sensors in your car will analyze the gases as they go through the exhaust system. After they are analyzed, the catalytic converter will refine them, and they will be muffled by your car’s muffler. Assuring that your vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system will not only reduce the noise your vehicle emits but will reduce the toxic emissions it emits as well.

Many people know that loud noises coming from their muffler or unusual odors inside of their vehicles can point to problems with their car’s muffler. Come see us at Sterling Kia today and allow our service technicians care for your vehicles muffler and exhaust systems before any issues arise.



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