It is a beautiful day, the water is looking great and you are eager to take your new jet skis out and have some fun. Before the fun can begin, it is important to follow a couple safety tips below to ensure that you arrive safely.

  • Do - Before setting out on your trip, make sure you inspect your trailer for any problems. It is important to check the trailer lights, make sure they are in sync with your vehicle and come on when you step on the brake, and check to make sure the turn signal lights are in proper working order.
  • Don’t - Don’t tow a trailer that does not have functioning tail lights. This is dangerous to you and other drivers on the road, as they will not be able to tell when you are stopping or turning and can cause an accident.

Not sure if your vehicle and trailer lights are functioning the way they should? Come visit Sterling Kia of Lafayette for car repair and maintenance and speak with one of our experts. Conveniently located in Lafayette, LA, we are always there to answer any questions you may have.